Gymnastics at Home

Whilst closed, the Club has been trying to develop ways to bring gymnastics activities to our members at home. Lincoln Gymnastics has such a varied and large audience, that this has been quite tricky. We have wanted to make sure all level of member can access, be creative, have fun but most importantly stay safe.


British Gymnastics has produced resources called Gymnastics@Home. These are accessible to all members on their website download and cover 4 weeks of activities.

As a club, to help our members and parents to get the most from these resources, we have assigned different club sessions/levels to each resource. To support their use, we have also attempted to add a personal touch of a video for each resource which the children can join in with.

We are hoping to continue doing this on a weekly/fortnightly basis for the 4 weeks of resources.

So, below you will find the first week of British Gymnastics Resource which we have related to your child’s session/level. Some also have a certificate for completion.

This is then supported by No.1 video in the Albums section (produced by Lincoln GC) which can be viewed alongside the resource.

Have a look. We hope they are something that can support our members at this time.

BRITISH GYMNASTIC RESOURCES - (produced by British Gymnastics)

VIDEO SUPPORT - (produced by Lincoln Gym Club)

Fit Kidz

Club Parent & Child Sessions - Shopping

Fit Kidz

Club Independent Child Sessions - Storyland

Jump into Gymnastics

Club Pre School & Mixed After School Sessions

Week 1 Week 1 Certificate
GymFit Beginner

Club Mixed after school sessions or Preliminary Sessions

Week 1 Week 1 Certificate
GymFit Intermediate

Preliminary or Intermediate Club Sessions

Week 1 Week 1 Certificate
GymFit Advanced

Intermediate or Advanced Club Sessions

Week 1 Week 1 Certificate

Although the videos below have been tested to run on all devices, some mobile phones may have a problem running the video. We are looking into this problem and hopefully will have a solution soon.